We are experienced skill developers with over 40+ skills to our name. When Daniela da Silva contacted us for an Yoga skill she has a simple skill in mind with audio guided yoga sessions in mind. We soon realise this has potential of much more if we add proper display for visual assisted Yoga sessions.

What it does

The main purpose of the skill is for Daniela da Silva to provide users with a guided yoga sessions in different 5/10/15 minutes session times. But it also provides an interface for users to learn about variety of Yoga poses from the internet or from Daniela's archives. The skill provides a step by step instruction to get into a pose and with APL also provides images of that pose.

How we built it

With most of our skills supporting Audio, Guided yoga session was never a problem as that is our core skill. Daniela has an archive of multiple professionally recorded audio which she uses for her retreats. She worked with us to structure them so that it's relevant to users on voice only devices. We have use Elasticsearch's machine learning capabilities to understand which poses users are asking and based on that we dynamically create suggestive list to display to users.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was to move from Display interface to APL in a record time to be ready for this submission.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The way we used our IT poweress to enhance a simple idea into multimodal one stop shop for Yoga is something we are really proud about.

What's next for BlueHouse Yoga

We are already talking about video interfaces for Yoga guided sessions.

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