Blueglass for your galaxy note, is just your new digital canvas. Use S Pen to draw anything on your friend's face and watch them flying. What about a moustache on your girlfriend's face or a pair of horn over your teachers head? Facebook status is always there.

Canvas open the camera and detect faces, it will automatically recognize your friend from facebook. You can draw anything with your S Pen and store your sketches.

You can check out sketched friends from Vision just pointing the camera at your friend. You will see the facebook status balloon over your friends head which is following your pal every moment.

Your Art Store Room is always there. And its the big Gallery.

Reset everything from Setting.

We,team rapture, inviting you in the new digital canvas..

*User requires logging on Facebook account to use Blue Glass at the very first time.

When user opens camera using Blue Glass focusing on the person the user likes, Blue Glass authenticates with Facebook and provides suggestions of best possible matches. The app also provides manual option to insert the name of that person in case of not being matched or not the person being in the user’s Facebook friend list.

In case of no internet access, Blue Glass is also capable to recognize face. This time the app matches a face with its local gallery option. If a match is found it recognizes otherwise the user needs to insert name manually.

With the advent of new S Pen technology, Blue Glass provides user a platform where user can play with the new tool. This handy S Pen SDK along with its accurate input and color management enhances user experience to draw/sketch. The undo/redo feature as well as eraser graphics complexity comes in handy to allow user to use S Pen smoothly.

Blue Glass applied Eigen faces algorithm to recognize face at first attempt, if it fails the app also uses API to recognize faces and finally authenticates with Facebook to retrieve status using API.

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