Upon arriving at YHack, I was made aware of two things. A scheduled Rap Battle and Bloomberg has an API that can access a huge financial database. Can these two things be put together? BloombergStockRap will use machine learning to analyze stock trend and inform you whether or not to invest by rap, so turn on your speakers!

The application is an executable jar file named RapStock.jar. The jar comes with a library folder named RapStock_lib Also a folder with background midi files and a folder with rhyme words and phrases.

Jar and other necessary files can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/518jbv9bih9qb1k/AADOQwEhUDlnPej6fIig3k_ra?dl=0

To execute the application simply enter into terminal:

java -jar RapStock.jar "GOOG US Equity" 0 1 0


  1. Name of the security (in general ticker symbol followed by 'US Equity' seems to work)
  2. How many years ago to analyze the trend
  3. How many months ago to analyze the trend
  4. How many days ago to analyze the trend

Require subscription connection to the Bloomberg database

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