Now you have the classic Tetrominoes brick game right on your wrist! Swipe left and right to move your brick, wipe up to rotate it and swipe down to send it crashing down to the bottom of the screen! Score points with clever arrangements of the random blocks. And it gets faster as you score more!!

Add radical entertainment value to your gear smartwatch with this game app!

User Interaction

  • Select Play to Start Game
  • Select New Game to start off!
  • Swipe left and right on the screen to move your blocks to the left and right positions
  • Swipe up to rotate your blocks and swipe down to send your blocks right down to the bottom of the screen
  • Select Controls, to view instructions on how to play Blocks Gear
  • Select HighScore to view your 10 best performance
  • Select About to learn more about the developer

Multi-Lingual Support

In addition to english, Blocks Gear is also fully localized for the following languages Simplified Chinese, Russian, Korean , Arabic, German, Russian , Spanish and French

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