The inspiration for "Blind Money Reader" comes from a family friend who is blind. I asked her for some ideas for apps that would improve her life and she told me she has trouble distinguishing between different kinds of paper money.

What it does

Our app is able to detect the kind of currency the user has by holding it up to the camera. The app then speaks the amount of currency to the user.

How we built it

"Blind Money Reader" was made using unity and Vuforia Augmented Reality augmented reality software.

Challenges we ran into

At first our team worked on a file compression program but after around 3 hours we decided our program was not efficient and scrapped it. After debating what to work on, I was inspired by my blind friend and we started working on "Blind Money Reader".

Accomplishments that we're proud of

My team is very proud of the fact that everything used in our app we learned this weekend. Before this weekend, I had no experience in Unity and I learned through the help of the workshops this weekend. Another accomplishment we are proud of is the fact most of us met for the first time this weekend and we were able to work together so well.

What we learned

Throughout this weekend, my team learned numerous things such as how to develop software using Unity and Vuforia.

What's next for Blind Money Reader

We will continue to work on "Blind Money Reader" and we hope to incorporate other currencies and coins.

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