Playing in the bigger financial ecosystem has always been a problem for developing countries, due to this, due to this, we created a system that enables users to participate in the defi world and nft world using their local cbdc.


Our web and mobile app enables users to send funds and receive funds in a currency of their choice, it also enables users hold stablecoins, multiple cbdcs in the same wallet without having to create multiple accounts. Users can purchase real estate nfts and other types of nfts straight from the app without having to worry about different cryptocurrencies. Users can send money to users using phone numbers only or via whatsapp. Our system also includes an earning system where users can profit off the platform by making their funds available to lenders. Our app also contains a limit order book that enables users participate in Forex without leaving the platform

How we built it

We built the front end using flutter for web, mobile and desktop for quick prototyping, the backend was built using python and javscript.

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