As soon as we got the the theme for mental health, we decided to talk to someone with experience. My mom (Hurhukam's Aunt and also Mehtab's mom) is an registered nurse and has many patients who suffered from mental health issues. What we learned from our discussion with her was that during the pandemic more patients with mental health issues have increased due to their disconnection with their families, we also learn that many patients forget to take their medications and that can impact them very badly. So we decided to tackle the issues to not only give reminders but also keep them a bit busy with our workouts.

Challenges WE ran into

We were afraid that the animations will take to long to render so we cut the exercises down to three and agreed on updating the workouts when we get time, but also Mehtab came up with a great idea to render it frame by frame so it can be done quickly and put it together in premier pro. The we were still having some difficulties as through my phone account I can book a reminder but not through the computer, so we worked around it to record the experience on my phone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We really loved the video, at first we were way overtime, so we decided to multitask in the video but also have a flow in the video. Harhukam did a great job using his voice to become the character Chris P. Beacon, our websites's proud user. I am also very proud of the characters for the website I made, I took me a long time to add skin textures to make it look somewhat realistic, if we had more time, I would have rendered it to full quality to make it even better.

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