Purpose: The Blackboard and Slack Integration with Amazon Comprehend is intended to widen adoption of Slack in Blackboard courses and to take advantage of tracking negative statements in student discussions.

Functionality: The integration helps faculty to quickly invite all course students to the external Slack application and to link it in the course. It also allows instructors to track who has already joined Slack workspace, who has been invited, and who has not yet been invited. Slack automatically sends reminders to those invited earlier. It also provides a summary count of total messages posted and negative messages (according to Amazon Comprehend).

Why unique? Digital communication in a course, and in a professional, team can be tricky. Email can quickly overwhelm a group with repeated message, irrelevant reply-alls, and a significant overhead in busy work. Blackboard discussion forums can also make it difficult to share files, snippets of code, and breaking out into private discussions. In the last few years, Slack has been conquering the field of professional team communication. The 7 top reasons to adopt Slack are listed below. The same advantages can be realized in a Blackboard classroom. The reporting alone at the end of the course is invaluable to the instructor.

These are some reasons why Slack is worth adopting in the classroom:

  1. Slack discussions happen in one place and can be divided into Channels for specific topics. Users can be assigned to as many (or as few) channels as needed. A balance is kept between clarity and complexity. The discussion maintains transparency and users can effectively identify relevant messages.
  2. Slack integrates with important systems like GitHub, Trello, and many others. Full list is available at https://slack.com/integrations
  3. All content can be searched through one search control.
  4. Files can be easily shared.
  5. Code snippets render well and are easy to share (very important in computer classes).
  6. Team discussions can be quickly switched to private discussions.
  7. Slack is fun on any device.

This Slack integration can be adopted with REST API Application ID: cc908933-00d0-4143-87be-47aee29ed984

LTI URL: https://apps.dataii.com/bb/slackAWS/

However, another version of this application will be available for schools needing only Blackboard+Slack integration. Coming soon.

Built With

  • amazon-comprehend
  • php
  • blackboard-rest-api
  • slack-api
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