Legend says that all of IKEA's employees were former customers, just like you and me. It has been said that, lost within IKEA's winding, homely labyrinth, those who could not find the exit were inducted into their family, never to see sunlight again. Here, we can attempt to navigate the premises through Blahaj's eyes.

Why is it called Bla-hajimemashite? Our game title is a portmanteau of the name of our favourite shark Blahaj, and the Japanese phrase “hajimemashite” which roughly means “it’s nice to meet you”. Since the theme of our game is Blahaj travelling to the other side of IKEA to meet up with their friend, we figured that this would be a cute title to show Blahaj’s eagerness to hang out with their pal.

What it does

Help Blahaj traverse through the meandering treacheries of IKEA and reach the end!

Use the up, right, and down arrow keys to navigate through the various showrooms to arrive at the goal. However, don’t dawdle or the grabby hand will get you. Not only that, but it appears that IKEA’s furniture is also getting in your way, and that someone is out to get you… It seems like a certain ferret may be able to help.


  • A title splash screen
  • A home screen
  • High score screen
  • The main game

The main game features 4 different levels, each representing different different sections of a typical IKEA and and associated furnishing found there

Power ups:

The game features one main power up, the Frankie File surfer! On collecting this powerup, Blahaj can hitch a ride in Frankie's folder and avoid taking damage for a short period of time, allowing Blahaj to easily cruise through the course!


There is also some strategy needed to maximize your score. To increase your score, you can do the following:

  • Travel as far as you can. The more distance you travel, the higher your final score.
  • Travel as fast as you can. The more you use the boosts, the higher your final score.
  • Collect as many points as you can. Munching on Ikea's famous Swedish Meatballs boosts your score!
  • Collect as many power ups as you can. Every file you surf on adds an extra bonus to your score! Thanks Frankie!

However, boosting makes it harder to dodge furniture in your way, and harder to collect points and power ups, so you must do your best to balance speed and agility!

Why can't Blahaj move backwards? Well, some sharks have to keep swimming forward, or they'll drown. As a shark that lives in the open ocean, Blahaj (a blue shark) would also have to keep moving forward.

Grabby hand:

Beware of the grabby hand! You might wonder, what on Earth is that? It is an ominous, disembodied hand that appears to be just one step behind Blahaj, and getting ever closer. What happens if Blahaj gets caught by it…? Maybe it would be better not to find out…

Gameplay-wise, the grabby hand is something that chases Blahaj from behind, pursuing them across all the levels. If Blahaj falls too far behind and gets caught, it’s an immediate game over.

Home screen:

The home screen features the iconic STORABO kiddie road carpet from IKEA, where you drive around a little Ikea toy car to go to the high score and new game options~


Blahaj must traverse through IKEA in search of their friend at the other end of IKEA. However, someone lurks in the shadows, jealous of Blahaj’s wonderful friendship. It’s Djungelskog! This grumpy old grizzly wishes he had what Blahaj has, but if he can’t have it, neither can Blahaj. With his souped-up trolley, he’ll try his best to thwart Blahaj at every turn, so Blahaj must be careful on their journey of meeting up with their friend.

How we built it

Using Pygame as well as various IKEA catalogue images :D

Challenges we ran into

Time was pretty tight with how many features and mechanics we wanted to add in, as well as how many assets and audio files we needed to gather

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We managed to come up with a cool concept in a short amount of time and finish the whole project too!
  • This project was far more polished and a huge step up from our single previous pygame
  • I am happy to see the ikea meatball cursor

What we learned

  • We learned how to make a full game with proper UI in pygame!
  • For Clemont: I was introduced to coding and learned how to prepare image assets for games/coding programs in general.

What's next for Bla-hajimemashite

  • Additional levels and more IKEA themed mini games
  • More IKEA characters to the party

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