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Inspiration: A college student wondered why there isn't a solution to death. He then stepped back and realized that just like him, there are others who wondered about death.

What it does: Wikipedia lists the causes of death by rate. The hardware “connects with the brain through some variation of noninvasive interfaces being developed by scientists around the world, from tiny sensors that could be injected into the brain to genetically engineered neurons that can exchange data wirelessly with a hatlike receiver.”


-Overhead Costs (surgeons, medical facilities, clean sterilization of goods): At least 1 million USD

-Artificial Heart/vascular pump: Keep blood moving: 80,000-100,000 USD

-Artificial Lung/lung substitute/ventilation apparatus (which should include a way of getting oxygen in and carbon dioxide out): 500,000-1,000,000 USD

-Wetware Brain Computer Interface/Spinal Interface: 100,000-1,000,000: For a carbon nanotube PEDOT based range of microelectrode arrays that would be inserted into the spine and brain to prevent neuronal atrophy.

-Catheter/Microbial Fuel Cell: For turning fecal matter and urine into power: At least 10,000 USD

-Sterile, Air/Watertight Container: For holding everything (plus a tube of marrow from the patient), plus would need to be sealed: At least 15,000-50,000 USD

-The artificial arms and legs, plus power systems, drivers, and hydraulics, would be akin to an industrial robot of that size in cost (let's say 50,000 USD for something serviceable).

Research accomplishments:

What's next: In theory, "Artificial intelligence will be integrated into synthetic organs, so they can operate independently. Sensor technology will allow you to feel the essence of human experience. Other next steps would be, as your brain matures, genetic engineering will combat the aging process. Advancements in nanotechnology will offer extensive tissue repair and regeneration, including the repair of individual brain cells.”

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