We are using bikes a lot today because they mean a certain kind of freedom to us. The problem is, it weighs a lot to protect this freedom. 2-10 pounds, to be precise. I’m talking about a parking lock, of course.

What it does

During this Hackathon, we have prototyped a solution. Introducing BikeParking.Club – the first-ever social parking network.

It consists of two parking spots where the left one is yours, and the right one stays vacant to host the bike of any other club member. Thus, wherever you are, you will always have a parking place claimed for you – either you be an owner or a club member. It’s just the side that differs.

How we built it

How does the thing work? We use ESRI to create a map. Verizon is responsible for the server, route building, and lock management. However, if you’re out of the Internet, you can still manage it through SMS. Finally, Pubnub allows is to integrate Arduino, maps, routes and lock request into one system in a simple way.

Challenges we ran into

First, we had huge problems with hardware compatibility — certain components didn't work as expected so we had to adjust our prototype and architecture and spent half of our time just to make things work and build the reliable prototype.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working prototype.

What we learned

Provided APIs by ESRI, PubNub, and Verizon were very straightforward and simple to use, we were surprised how easy it was to work with them to get really cool features relevant for us

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