I procrastinate a lot during writing assignments and absolutely loath doing bibliographies, as I never save the links I went to.

Given user input as to what topic is being researched, BibliDash silently compiles all the links visited during the research session. These links can be revisited in the BibliDash dashboard.

I used Firebase to create user accounts via email and password authentication. I then allowed a small form recorded new topics that were being researched. These were part of the chrome extension popup. Then, using content scripts in the chrome extension, I was able to record the webpages visited onto the user's account, under the current topic child. The user was constantly logged out when new pages were visited. This became a problem, and to solve it, I did the following. I saved the user's login data into their browser storage. Everytime a page was visited, if the user was logged out, they can be logged back in using that data, which was initially recorded into storage when the user logged into the popup initially. The dashboard was simpler to write. If the user was logged in, the dashboard screen would show. If the user was logged out, the log in screen would appear. I used Firebase to obtain all the links and topics stored. I then, based on each child added, appended html elements onto the board. The user can click on the topic name to generate a list of all the links, which could be used to make it a lot easier to compile bibliographies.

Every time the content script would fire on a new page, the user would get logged out of the application, making it difficult to save data.

The user stays logged into the content script every time they perform a search, which took a while to do.

This was my first hackathon working alone. I learned how to pace myself and do both the front and back end of the app.

use links to generate bibliographies

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