People often listen to music or a podcast as they head to bed -- something about the extra noise just helps you nod off. But much too often, just about you're doze off, you have to shake yourself awake, just to fiddle with your phone or rip out your headphones. For the sake of a better night sleep, we decided to make an app to rectify this problem.

Our app allows one to use voice commands to start off the in-app music player and accelerometer. The phone then uses the accelerometer to sense as a person falls asleep, gradually turning down the volume, and stopping the audio entire once we've detected you've entered deep sleep (In deep sleep, the body is paralyzed and have a lot less movement). In addition, you can also set an alarm time, where our app will start to look for signs of movement and wakefulness, and begin quietly playing music to wake you up, gradually increasing the volume as the user awakes.

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