Inspiration 💡

As a team, we were inspired to build the app 'BetterMe' due to our personal experiences with trying to develop and maintain healthy habits. We recognized the importance of self-care and preventative health measures and saw a need for an app that combines tracking multiple aspects of health and wellness in one place. Our goal was to make it easier for people to take control of their health journey by providing a comprehensive solution to track and improve different aspects of health and wellness. Additionally, our desire was to promote healthy habits and lifestyles to a broader audience. With this idea in mind, we built BetterMe, an app to empower people to achieve optimal health by forming healthy habits

What it does ❓

BetterMe is an all-in-one app that helps you build healthy habits for water intake, sleep, and breaks while working. With customizable goal setting, reminder intervals, and detailed logs and visualizations, BetterMe empowers you to take control of your health journey one step at a time. Features:

  • Customizable goal setting and reminder intervals for water intake
  • Sleep tracking and quality monitoring
  • Break reminders and activity logging
  • Detailed logs and visualizations on a personalized dashboard
  • Improve sleep quality and water intake habits
  • Set reminders and track progress with an easy-to-use interface
  • Improve overall health and well-being.

How we built it 🔨

Our team started the development of Better Me by planning and designing the user interface using Excalidraw, a collaborative whiteboard tool. This allowed us to visually map out the layout and flow of the app before moving on to the implementation. Once the UI design was finalized, we moved on to designing the backend and API. Once the design was done, we started the implementation of the backend using NodeJS, ExpressJS, and MongoDB. Parallelly, we began the implementation of the front end using ReactJS. We used ChartJS for visualizations. Using these technologies allowed us to bring our designs to life and create an interactive and visually appealing app

Challenges we ran into💀

Our team faced several challenges while building Better Me within the time constraint of a hackathon. One of the main challenges we encountered was debugging issues quickly and ensuring that the app was functioning properly. We also faced challenges while integrating the reminder feature for water intake, sleep tracking, and break habits. We had to make sure that the reminders were sent at the right time. Additionally, the time constraint of the hackathon added pressure to deliver the app within a limited time frame. Despite these challenges, our team worked together to overcome them and deliver a fully functional app within the hackathon's time frame.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🙌

One of the biggest accomplishments for us is creating an app that can make a real difference in the lives of those who use it. We believe that our app's ability to help users form healthy habits for water intake, sleep, and breaks while working will have a positive impact on their overall well-being. Additionally, we are proud that we were able to deliver the project within the time frame of the hackathon, despite the challenges we faced. It was a great achievement that we were able to put all the pieces together and deliver a fully functional app that can help people to improve their health and well-being.

What we learned ✨

One of the main things we learned was the importance of proper planning and organization when working on a project within a short time frame. We also gained valuable experience in working with ReactJS, ChartJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, and MongoDB, which are technologies that we used to build the app. Additionally, we learned the importance of testing and debugging, which helped us to ensure that the app was functioning properly. Furthermore, We learned how to use a user-centered design approach and how to create an intuitive and visually appealing user interface. Overall, we learned a lot about project management and software development, which will be beneficial for us in future projects

What's next for BetterMe🚀

Our team is excited to continue working on BetterMe, and we have several plans for its future development. One of the main things we are planning to add is the integration of more health-related features, such as tracking food intake and physical activity. We also plan to improve the data visualization on the dashboard, which will help users to better understand and track their progress. Additionally, we are planning to add support for multiple languages, making the app accessible to a wider audience. Furthermore, we are looking to enhance the reminder feature to make it more personalized and flexible. We are also planning to improve the overall user experience and make it more interactive. Overall, we are committed to continuously improving the app and making it more effective in helping users to achieve their health goals.

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