We wanted to make navigating around essential Rutgers website tools easier. We also wanted to have an easy way for students and professors to report cyber bullying, sexual harassment, drug abuse or any other negative issues that they are aware of. People will also be able to anonymously send tips to administrators at Rutgers University.

What it does

Our website contains links for all kinds of tools such as Blackboard, Rutgers News, Events, Campus Maps, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and a link to healthy foods around campus. Our website also contains a survey that allows users to interact with administrators anonymously or directly.

How we built it

We built it using skills we obtained the day of this hackathon. Node.Js, Express, Heroku, HTML, JavaScript and NGROK.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into the problem of not being able to actually send things to actual administrators at Rutgers. Other general issues such as not really knowing anything before we cam

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud ourselves for creating something that can help better protect the great people of Rutgers using skills we obtained the day of this Hackathon.

What we learned

We learned Node.Js, Express, Heroku, HTML, JavaScript and NGROK. Most importantly, how to HACK!

What's next for Better RU

We will work on actually getting in contact with administrators and see if they would like to use our web application for the purpose to make Rutgers a better and safer place to be.

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