Our app, which incorporates the William Hill API, opens betting up to anyone and everyone through a simple swipe.

Currently, mobile betting apps create a hectic, stressful and intimidating user experience.

When a user logs on they are immediately hit with loads of options. Different sports, different teams, different names etc etc. This abundance of information can be overwhelming and often leads to consumer drop off.

We believe there is a betr way. We have taken that all away and instead ask you a simple question. Would you like to bet on this?

If no, simply swipe to the left. And if yes, swipe to the right to stake an amount.

We all know that everyone loves to swipe. Whether on the tube, in a cafe, or dare I say it even in bed. Users enjoy swiping to see what comes next.

Let’s take now for an example. A short, marginally rotund bloke in a shirt is pitching yet another idea. You think it might be more fun to see if you can make a cheeky tenner. You go open up betr and start swiping away to see if there is an opportunity that you think…..(Swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe) “oo yeah, (something random on screen) go on then”. And you execute the bet.

Thank you. You can check the work done on:

https://github.com/geraudmathe/betr-front https://github.com/geraudmathe/betmoji

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