The current situation of making friendly bets is a little too inefficient with cash not always available, people not staying up to the deal and other misc. sorts.

What it does

Utilizes three key components to move money. First is the chat bot function within Facebook Messenger which initiates the trade by withdrawing the designated amount of money from the two parties involved. The database which stores this information, the website which than displays this information. The chatbot uses JavaScript to connect with CapitalOne's Nessie API. The Chatbot was created by using Facebook's API. The MongoDB server was used to store all this information, which is than reflected on a HTML5/CSS3 BootStrap website that utilizes EJS to update the website and have a Login feature to keep track of balances.

How we built it

We first had to create the Chatbot which was done in JavaScript. Then we had to also utilize JavaScript to utilize three core functions from the Capital One's Nessie API, create account, withdraw money, and deposit money. The second component of the MongoDB server was also used to store all the information of the bets. The last part, website was done in Bootstrap to just showcase the information for a particular user.

Challenges we ran into

Capital One's withdraw API requires an account number which has to be 16 digits, and cannot start with 0. Generating these unique digits from a users FacebookID required two functions for every one API we used. We also had to learn how to use JavaScript to script the whole bot function, which required us running into the asynchronous aspect of JavaScript

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using 2 API's in one project, having three out of four team members learn two - three new languages, staying awake for 87% of the event, (with two members always awake at all times). Did not give up, even though ran into a HUGE roadblock with the API usage.

What we learned

Try to ask questions when the opportunity is there, I.E in the beginning, be persistent and don't be discouraged. Take breaks, make sure you are productive and peaceful during breaks.

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