BestRoute Pro is a dedicated Multi-Destination Route Planning and Optimizing App with Trip Management. It is fully integrated with Google Maps and Navigation.

Version 2 of the app is a complete rewrite of the app from the ground up and will probably be published as a new app when testing is complete.

Version 1 is used daily by Delivery Drivers, Air Port Shuttle Operators, Realtors, Visiting Nurses, Salesmen, Process Servers, Repair Technicians...and a Window Cleaner in Denmark!

v2 of the app contains a number of significant enhancements to the original: it removes the 50 waypoint limit (the most requested enhancement), the waypoint list is fully drag and drop, maps and lists can be displayed at the same time and there is a new feature: 'Join the Dots' planning.

In case you don't like the suggested route that the optimizer works out, Join the Dots planning lets you delete a portion of the route and rework it just by tapping on the map pins.

This edition of the app has been specially tuned for the Galaxy S Pen note: in addition to the ability to write addresses by hand, the waypoint drag and drop and Join the Dots planning there is a feature that allows you to create a quick map note within the app and send it via email.

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