Rocket League Cars Guide - All Rocket League Cars & Stats, Best Rocket League Cars & Best Car Designs 6/29/2017 4:55:26 PM What is the best or most useful car in Rocket League, which is best to drive? In this guide, we show you all Rocket League cars and status, and pick out the most used cars and the best car designs in Rocket League for you.

All Rocket League Cars & Status

First of all, let's get know what kinds of cars we can get in Rocket League, and what status of each car. There are three types of Rocket League car's body - Common, Import, Premium. Here is the full list of Rocket League Cars:

Rocket League Common Cars

There are 10 standard Battle-Cars in Rocket League's base, and 3 console-exclusive unlockable Battle-Cars for PlayStation 4 version and Xbox One version.

Basic Common (On all platform)

Rocket League Cars Guide - All Rocket League Cars & Stats - Common

Platform exclusives (Sweet Tooth for PS4; Hogsticker and Armadillo for Xbox One)

Rocket League Cars Guide - All Rocket League Cars & Stats - Common Bodies - Platform exclusives

How To Get:

Gizmo, Octane, Road Hog, X-Devil - Free, already unlocked at the beginning of the game

Backfire, Breakout, Hotshot, Merc, Octane, Paladin, Venom - Unlocked by playing the game normally and completing matches

Sweet Tooth - Unlocked by playing one match with every common body

Hogsticker - Unlocked by playing one match with every common body

Armadillo - Unlocked by completing a season in the single-player Season Mode

Rocket League Import Cars (Tradable)

There are 8 Import car bodies in Rocket League, but soon 2 more new cars will be added into the game in the Rocket League 2nd Anniversary Update. Some Import bodies may actually be based on the pre-existing Battle-Cars, so have the same hit-boxes, physics, and turning radii as their original counterparts.

Rocket League Cars Guide - All Rocket League Cars & Stats - Import Bodies

How To Get:

Animus GP, Centio V17, Breakout Type-S, Dominus GT, Endo, Mantis, Octane ZSR, Road Hog XL, Takumi RX-T, X-Devil Mk2 - All only available in crates

There are 18 Premium Cars in Rocket League, the The Batmobile and DeLorean Time Machine bodies can only use their respective wheels and rocket trails; and can't use decals, toppers or antennas.

Rocket League Cars Guide - All Rocket League Cars & Stats - Premium Bodies

How To Get:

Aftershock, Batmobile, Bone Shaker, DeLorean Time Machine, Dominus, Esper, Grog, Ice Charger, Marauder, Masamune, Proteus, Ripper, Scarab, Takumi, Triton, Twin Mill III, Vulcan, Zippy - All only available by purchasing their related DLC.

Rocket League Cars Stats

Here is a table showing all Rocket League cars stats:

Rocket League Cars Guide - All Rocket League Cars & Stats

Best Rocket League Cars and The Most Used Ones

As the above stats table shown, there is no real speed and jump height difference between the different cars so there is not the one best car in Rocket League actually. Psyonix have made each car as similar to each other as possible, they do not want any cars to give anyone an advantage. Are there any differences between cars at all? They differ only in weight, hit-box and control.

Difference: The 'hit-box', which is the total area of the car that the ball can strike, can differ in size. A bigger hit-box would make it easier to hit the ball, or play as goalkeeper, and a smaller one understandably would require more effort the hit the ball.


The Octane which is most used by professional players, its body closely resembles its hitbox. Its tall hitbox allows for easier bounce dribbling, sharper cuts when ground dribbling, and more consistent shooting because you have more vertical space from which to make contact with. What's more in combination with its short length allows for better control when balancing the ball on top of the car. The car's body gives a fairly accurate representation of how the ball will move on top of the car. The roof of the car has a small area that pretty closely resembles the center of mass and the front/sides have a gradual downward slope.


Dominus is a comfort car, why almost every pro currently uses the Dominus? Dominus is a relatively heavy, medium and flat car. The weight of the dominus is difficult but very precise to steer and thus offers advantages for "magicians" as one can dribble with the large area and the ball easy with freestyling can easily control. The dominus actually has the LEAST accurate hitbox when it comes to its length. It has quite a lot of space on the nose of its model that the hitbox completely ignores. This may change the timing at which someone hits the ball, positively helping create a stronger hit.


However, the other cars are not to be underestimated. For example, High-ranking players (veteran and over) are very feared with the Paladin, since this car has a unique steering behavior and can be controlled incredibly accurately in the air. Due to its unusual shape, shot angles, which are significantly harder to perform with other cars, are very difficult, but the dribbling is made very difficult. There are also the "All rounder" cars like Octane such as Breakout, Hotshot, and X-Devil, which is suitable for every tactics, but is not specialized in any.

Best Rocket League Car Designs

So there is no best Rocket League car, just try what is best for you and come down to personal preference and playstyle. Here we list five cars with great designs for you:

Mr. Moneybags

Rocket League Cars Guide - Best Rocket League Cars & Best Car Designs - Mr. Moneybags

Body: Backfire

Decal: N/A

Paint: 3rd column, 1st row blue (Metallic Pearl)

      4th column, 2nd row red (Carbon Fiber)

Wheels: Lucci

Rocket Trail: Money

Topper: Top Hat

Antenna: Dollar Sign

Slime Machine

Rocket League Cars Guide - Best Rocket League Cars & Best Car Designs - Slime Machine

Body: Merc

Decal: Wings

Paint: 3rd column, 1st row blue (Glossy) & 6th column, 4th row green (wood)

      1st column, 1st row yellow (Glossy) & 6th column, 4th row green (wood)

Wheels: Alchemist

Rocket Trail: Slime

Topper: Propellerhead

Antenna: Smiley

Wizard World

Rocket League Cars Guide - Best Rocket League Cars & Best Car Designs - Wizard World

Body: Paladin

Decal: Stars

Paint: 3rd column, bottom row blue (Metallic) & 5th column, 2nd row yellow (Metallic Pearl)

      1st column, 1st row yellow (Metallic) & 10th column, 3rd row blue (Metallic)

Wheels: Sunburst

Rocket Trail: Sacred

Topper: Wizard Hat

Antenna: Star

Mexican Maestro

Rocket League Cars Guide - Best Rocket League Cars & Best Car Designs - Mexican Maestro

Body: Venom

Decal: Wings

Paint: Bottom row, 1st column blue (matte) & 4th row orange (brushed metal)

      Middle row, 3rd column orange (matte) & 7th column, 2nd row green (brushed metal)

Wheels: Spinner

Rocket Trail: Confetti

Topper: Sombrero

Antenna: Soccer Ball

Devil Truck

Rocket League Cars Guide - Best Rocket League Cars & Best Car Designs - Devil Truck

Body: Road Hog

Decal: Flames

Paint: Darkest purple & 2nd to last red (Both Corroded Metal)

      Darkest red & 2nd to last black (Both Corroded Metal)

Wheels: Servergate

Rocket Trail: Nitrous

Topper: Devil Horns

Antenna: Skull

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