BOLO will save lives by decreasing the response time from caller to 911 operator. This is not to replace operators, this is to decrease response time to save lives from tragic events. The national average of law enforcement response time is 10 minutes. In 10 minutes, it could mean life or death for some tragedies . Behind Ordinary Law-Abiding Observers will change lives and help citizens feel more comfortable to report crimes due to being anonymous. In Daytona Beach, 1 out of 65 people will be involved in a violent crime. With this device, this can change the world at someone's fingertips.

What it does

Behind Ordinary Law-Abiding Observers (BOLO) is a web-application that will anonymously report crime to dispatch through a generated email with the location of the caller and a brief description. Two simplistic buttons cue the user to let them know to choose either an emergency or non-emergency. After the user touches the EMERGENCY button and accepts the "find my location" pop-up, it sends the location of the caller to the dispatch and prompts the user to choose if it's a medical, fire, or police emergency. The user will be able to fill out more information if desired through the form that is on the web application. All information from the form with the location is sent again through an email to the Emergency Dispatch. If the user touches the NON-EMERGENCY button, the user fills out the non-emergency form and the user's information is sent to dispatch.

What we learned

  • Lumzy is an amazing user interface software that allows us to go through work flow.
  • We need to think more about being able to use this emergency app without any GPS or signal.
  • We need a more user-friendly interface
  • Like at KnightHacks, we learned more about node.js, jquery, location API's through Google, Javascript, Angular, smtp.js, and html5 geocaching.

What's next for BOLO?

We have a lot of room to grow with this application. Our future plans include:

  • An authentication system with a random IP generator
  • To be compatible with all mobile devices
  • A more user-friendly interface

Challenges we ran into

We had plenty of hardships creating this application. They include:

  • The meticulous behavior of Cloud9 when we were trying to update the Human Interface.
  • Almost running out of time while working.

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