In UCSD, there is a public blackboard called "Before I die". We believe this blackboard stimulates contemplation beyond everyday life, and motivates us to make our life count, so we create an online version of "Before I die" here. Have fun!

What it does

As a user, you can post your own wish and like others' posts. You can see 12 most recent and 12 most popular posts. We don't offer login or sign up, because we believe anonymity is the best way to let people speak out.

How I built it

We use Node.js to build the framework, and then html and css for webpages. The cool thing is that we use cookie to implement "like" system without forcing users to login: we assign an unique cookie to each user and keep track of their activity.

Challenges I ran into

Since the use of cookie introduce heavy workload for our system, we spend much time trying to maximize efficiency in our algorithm. Luckily, we manage to increase efficiency to an acceptable level.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

An interesting theme, nice webpage design and implementing anonymous interaction.

What I learned

Besides programming skills, I learn how to manage a project: setting priority, deadline, tradeoffs, etc.

What's next for Before I die

A deeper level of interaction, for example replying to posts, while remaining anonymity.

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