Beckon is an energy concierge app - your personal money saving assistant. It’s the fast, easy way to get a handle on home energy. Through Ontario’s Green Button initiative, Beckon securely connects with your home’s smart meter data and updates automatically every day. Beckon starts working instantly, providing you the insight and guidance to make better energy choices a snap.

Here’s how:

Avoid the peak, know when it’s cheap - Beckon’s Time-Of-Use alerts help you take advantage of lower prices and avoid overpaying.

The total price of power for any hour - Beckon factors in all the costs like delivery and taxes, showing you the total price you pay.

What the heck? Keep spending in check - Set a reminder amount for the month and Beckon lets you know when you’ve reached it.

See the all around breakdown - Your monthly spending and usage broken down in a way that simply makes sense.

Dare to compare - See how your home stacks up to similar homes near you, challenge friends and compete.

Smart scripts deliver personal tips - Beckon learns what’s important to you and delivers personalized energy saving tips.

The power’s out give em’ a shout - Information to connect with your utility about outages, conservation programs and more.

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