bConnected is the first of its kind for Ball State students, providing mobile access to class schedules, grades, tutors, student organizations, on campus living, campus rideboard, financial aid awards and events.

Redesigned specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Note, bConnected gives students access to academic information when and where they need it most. Students can also create connections based on classmates, instructors, tutors, fellow student organization members, course instructors, and residence hall neighbors.

With the S Pen functionality integrated throughout the app, students can create rich and meaningful content, and then share it with their connections, email Mom and Dad, or post to Facebook. Whether they are taking notes for class or collaborating on a group project; scribing meeting minutes and task lists for their organization; journaling expenses for awards and grants; or simply having fun with friends in the residence halls, the S Pen provides a great mobile experience for our students.

Download bConnected today and start connecting with the campus community!

The complete list of features include:

  • S Pen note-taking capabilities for courses, student organizations, on-campus housing, financial aid awards, events, and campus rideboard

  • Course schedule - course info, classmates, instructors and tutors

  • Student organizations - members and contact information

  • On campus housing information – residence hall info and neighbors

  • My Connections – a “favorites” list for all the people you interact with at Ball State

  • Final course grades

  • Midterm course performance

  • GPA

  • Tutoring information for core curriculum courses

  • Financial aid awards

  • Campus rideboard for sharing rides

  • Campus events by date and event type

  • Local address and quick access to your Ball State ID

  • Advisors

  • Pending degrees

  • Academic performance

  • University holds

  • Photos of campus buildings for courses, events and housing

Demo accounts are available if you don't have a Ball State username - just use one of the following users to access bConnected for the Galaxy Note!

Account #1 Username: bconnected Password: demo

Account #2 Username: bconnected2 Password: demo

Account #3 Username: bconnected3 Password: demo

Account #4 Username: bconnected4 Password: demo

Account #5 Username: bconnected5 Password: demo

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