Our collective love of oriental culture, attractive beings, and game design.

What it does

Live through your wildest fantasies through this simulator. Relive all the highest and lowest points of every person's high school years.

How we built it


Challenges we ran into

Construct2 kept crashing, we lost quite a bit of data and hope.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All the character art was hand drawn by our Art Team led by Jessica Chen.

What we learned

We learned that we can get no where without the creative or ambitious drive that we all had for this game. Additionally, we learned that 5 whole Costco muffins could not sustain a family of 4 growing children for 15 minutes.

What's next for BatingSim- A Study Guide to Love

We plan on expanding the already thick plot. Mini games for each and every character route is definitely a plan. Given the short time period, many integral characters were underdeveloped or scrapped altogether, so, they will definitely get another shot. More hand drawn graphics will be added in place of the placeholder graphics that currently exist as well as possible voice acting.

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