We had never worked with wifi connected speakers before and Pasha had never made a Pebble app so we decided why not do both?

How it works

Using C Pasha programmed the Pebble to capture a users direction and axis using the accelerometer. He then passed that information to the android companion app which controls the wifi enabled speaker. The companion app recognizes the various passed states and performs a certain action on the speaker. Things it can do: Play a song Stop the Music Turn up the music Turn down the volume and Next song

Challenges I ran into

We had a really hard time getting the wifi enabled speakers to work due to network issues. We also did not have any documentation on most of the stuff we tried to do.

What's next for Bass Drop

Published to Android store and Pebble store already.

What we have added:

We designed this app for the Hack Start Hackathon with the intention of continuing after and making it more of an IoT project. We added both Raspberry Pi and the Weaved plug to the project. Now a raspberry pi runs a REST api that controls the music, we control that using the android app and pebble. The Weaved plug is used as an IR blaster to control the audio on the stereo. Ideally we would be using an api on the weaved plug instead of a raspberry pi.

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