My inspiration was from the fact that I really love one direction and baby yoda. Also, I often use baby yoda gifs when I talk to my friends on discord and I wanted to create something that would send the gifs for me, instead of me manually searching for a baby yoda gif.

What it does

When an user in a discord chat says "baby yoda", the bot sends a random gif of baby yoda. Furthermore, if an user in a discord chat says "!1d", a randomized quote from one direction is sent into the chat.

How I built it

I built this discord bot by using the Python Discord API.

What I learned

During this project, I learned a lot because it was my first time making a discord bot. I learned how the discord Python API can be used to create bots and also learned how to send messages with a bot. Also, python isn't one of my strongest languages and this simple project helped me better understand python and how to create Discord bots.

What's next for Baby Yoda Discord Bot

In the future, I want to be able to make the baby yoda bot send a gif if "baby yoda" is mentioned within a sentence. Furthermore, I would like to add more commands such as randomized star wars gifs when any star wars keyword is mentioned (such as "jedi", "wookie", etc.).

Built With

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