Inspiration: Baby Boomer Grandma Chickee created this skill as a fellow boomer and financial literacy and healthy living advocate locally in Jacksonville, Florida, knowing that history is about to take place in the next 15 years that will affect us all worldwide. When I discovered that I could develop a skill through voice to share facts about the silver tsunami and the preventive acts to put in place now to help us thrive and survive this new wave of change, I saw it as an honor, a privilege and an additional platform to reach the masses.

What it does: This skill starts out sharing facts about a tsunami, its dangerous waves and the upcoming silver tsunami and its impact worldwide with various sound affects. Baby boomers then have an opportunity to learn of resources available and super boomer financial, health, and lifestyle-related acts to do and leave a legacy of good within their family and the community.

How I built it: I used Storyline to build the skill since it is easy to learn for a beginner and I work a full-time job.

Challenges: My challenge was how to segment the daily acts based on the waves introduced.

Accomplishments: I'm proud of the fact that I feel secure as a baby boomer with my preparedness for the silver tsunami and the passion to proactively bring awareness to other baby boomers to ensure their readiness.

What I learned: Even though I created the skill to educate baby boomers on the silver tsunami, I ended up learning even more information about being a baby boomer, a tsunami, different types of waves and the various organizations that are available to help in disastrous situations.

What's next for Baby Boomers Tsunami Facts and Acts: I look forward to adding a flash briefing to share daily information to help us stay abreast of trending news about the silver tsunami.

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