As AP students, all of us have felt the stress that came with AP studying, and have always wondered if there was ever an easier way to study for the AP exam. Thus we decided to pool together our CS skills to create BABA

What it does

BABA is a website that contains a curated dataset of content that allows for users to search for any and all AP content. Equation sheets, youtube videos, study guides, exam schedules, you name it! BABA has it all!

How we built it

We first ran through many iterations before finally deciding on hosting the website on Firebase. The entire site is ran entirely with HTML CSS and JS!

Challenges we ran into

As our first hackathon, we ran into trouble immediately. 3/4 Of the team had never written a single line into an HTML file in their life, and as inexperienced web devs the majority of the team had to learn from scratch how to use the json format, as well as how to create and code websites, and the challenges that come along with it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of managing to make a functioning product that we feel has actual real world value, in only 36 hours.

What we learned

We've learned how to host web servers, as well as utilize aspects of firebase. Additionally, we've learned how to use the json file format as well as understand how to use HTML and Javascript in order to deploy a website and handle the backend server.

What's next for BABA - The Big Bank of AP

We aim to implement an account system to integrate with students google accounts in order to automatically determine what classes they're in, and also allow a user to choose classes which will allow us to deliver more relevant content.

We also aim to expand to have data for every AP class, and have a much larger dataset overall, and who knows, in the future we could expand to much more than just AP topics!

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