Nine years ago, Hussam helped a blind friend prepare for his final year exams. Seeing him solve complex problems in his mind, Hussam realized how smart his friend was. But, since he was blind he faced a lot of difficulties in school. Without knowing how he would do it, Hussam intended to help.

What it does

Translate text into braille, using mobile app and Bluetooth module.

How we built it

by connecting braille cells to an arduino then connecting Arduino to mobile phone through Bluetooth module.

Challenges we ran into

-Missing Arduino

-Broken laptop

-Finding a working UUID for Bluetooth

-Finding an android compatible PDFBox library

-Arduino and Bluetooth module were a problem to connect them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We build the hardware and we developed the software around it.

What we learned

We have learned how to setup Bluetooth connections on android, how to use the pdfbox library,

What's next for B-Note

We're looking for to build an app that can connect with amazon kindle store, and ibook store so the blind people can download books from the store and then send it to B-Note and get the braille version of the E-books

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