About Avvir

Avvir takes the guesswork out of construction inspections. High quality inspections measure progress to determine who gets paid when, and catch mistakes early to reduce the cost of rework.

Annually, stakeholders lose $1.8 trillion on costs that could be prevented through better visibility into the state of construction.

Other solutions require companies to train their own experts. Avvir provides an end-to-end service, from data acquisition to automated analysis, visualization and reporting. Avvir’s clients get same-day insights into their projects, including progress monitoring and defect detection.

The Avvir PropTech Challenge Update

For the PropTech Challenge, our development team spent a few days working on some of our most exciting upcoming features.

Our product provides out of the box analysis of construction progress and differences between the design and as-built building. To produce that analysis we use computer vision algorithms to compare LiDAR scans to the building designs.

For this update, we added features to give better visibility into the scan information that underlies our analysis. We added the ability to show a representation of the scan data overlaid in 3D on the design model. You can easily toggle it on and off to understand why we produced the analysis we did.

We also added in the 360 panoramic images that get captured during the scanning process. Now you can see in full color what your site looks like on the day that we scan. Clicking on one of the scan path markers opens up the panorama view for that location. You can look around the 360 view using your mouse.

How we built the Avvir PropTech Challenge Update

Even though we treated this activity as a hackathon and focused on it for just a few days, we built this software using industry best practices like Test-Driven Development. It helped us move fast and the development went smoothly, getting out some cool features in a small amount of time.

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