According to the CDC, "Fewer than 12.3 million doses of the vaccine had been administered as of Jan. 15".

Avalon was inspired by the upsetting news regarding the difficulties that the elderly and front-line workers across the nation have when making an appointment to get the COVID-19 Vaccine. It is apparent that there is a lack of communication or clarity of information regarding the number of vaccines available, where the general public can get the vaccine, and the fluctuation hospital capacities. Avalon is the solution to this problem as it reformats information into a simple and digestible mobile application.

We gathered inspiration from apps like Yelp and AirBnB which allow users to search for a specific restaurant or location and output a description, location, amenities, and reviews. These were similar features we thought would be helpful for the user.

What it does

It allows users to:

  1. Navigate the map to the nearest designated hospitals with COVID-19 resources.
  2. Receive updates and stayed informed (ie. Stay at home order).
  3. Read up on news articles and be educated on the latest information.
  4. Look at ratings based on how fast and efficient hospitals are with delivering COVID-19 resources.

How we built it

-Our UI/UX designers designed the wireframe using Figma while the logo and most of the illustrations were created with Procreate and Adobe - Illustrator. -Our programmers coded it in Swift.

Challenges we ran into

-Time constraint to convert the design into code. -We originally began with a different concept for the app, but eventually shifted our focus to COVID-19 resources. -Did not have time to draw all of the illustrations, so we used some free illustrations online. -Connecting storyboards in swift -We used firebase, but we ran into some bugs -Unable to add google map API -We had issues with Swift UI and had to switch back to the old Swift

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Redesigning the UI of the framework to make it look neater -Illustrations and logo our designers created because it fits really well with our motto (Avalon - Historically, the name is an island for King Author to recover) -We’re proud of the team because we all came from different backgrounds, skill levels, and schools to come together to create something that would help others. (Everyone did a great job and worked so hard!!) -For some members, this was their first hackathon! (So proud)

What we learned

-This was our first time, trying vector illustrations and not being afraid of publicly displaying them for the app -Collaborative design when placed with time constraint

What's next for Avalon

Avalon has great potential to grow as an app. Despite its focus on the COVID-19 pandemic, Avalon can continue to be successful due to the heightened awareness of public health safety. There are areas of the app that can continue to be optimized to highlight local clinics that offer vaccinations and testing, local news, and potentially adding a feature where users can schedule appointments with their medical provider. Continued partnerships with clinics across the nation will hopefully create less stressful experiences when seeking immediate medical attention.

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