Everyone searching for something: love success... But there is one thing no one can get more of? Time!

What we found

It is hard to remember what time Eddie is free, what time Tony is free. Also, it is hard to know who will be free tomorrow 8 PM for dinner.

We have a good idea to fix that problem. How about linking The Calendar from All my friends?

What it does

As you register, the APP will access user's calendar data, and analyze them.

It is a smart algorithm, we can tell you what time you can make appointment when both people free.

Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text

As the picture shows, you can easily know who you can make dating with:)

So finally, this APP will make it easy to make appointment.

How we built it

We first get the brainstorming, and come up with our ideas. Then, we design the
We use Python with flask as the backend coding. HTML as the front end.

Challenges we ran into

We got trouble into the Google Calendar API Our team takes long time to do that.....overnight

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are not a team only do the coding without talking to people. In the other sides, we talk a lot with people. We found "Capital One" to help us with debug. We found two new friends from Canada, who give us genuine suggestion for our APP We also make serval new friends from Harvard and MIT team. We gain something other than pure developing.

What we learned

We have a great team work together, good team spirit: Guy working hard on the backend and database; Jack make a web design and front end coding; Kevin do the Android part APP; Yubo do the product design and communication between teammates. We also test our APP with new friends, getting feedback from them.

We realize that we come as a team, work as a team. We learn that team collaboration should based on what you do. People respect you not because what you say, but base on what you do.

What's next for Automeet Team

We are going to add Apple Calendar for future development We hoping for better user experience We are going to make this app into a startup company in our school and let everyone in BU use it. We get confidence and passion on that

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