Falling asleep while driving, and large car manufacturers scoffing at the idea.

What it does

Drives you anywhere, cept underwater.

How I built it

I havent yet , should I have? I have only prototyped certain aspects of it. This will truly be hacked together on site.

Challenges I ran into

Building a self driving car, challenge 1. The biggest challenges are always trying to get devices to work in unintended scenarios. Like using a tank motor to steer a car.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Embedded control of high amp motors and lane detection.

What I learned

I am still learning things. Ill never stop ether.

What's next for AutoCar

The Auto part. Need to assemble a working prototype and polish it until shes pedestrian safe.

Built With

  • baby-oil
  • beaglebone-black
  • blood
  • drok-dual-hbridge
  • powerwheel
  • python
  • sweat
  • tears
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