We noticed there are tons of online learning platforms but they aren't geared towards artists. What if an artist, student, or working professional looking to learn a new technique or improve their practice could get real-time, personalized feedback on their work, from anywhere in the world, right from their device?

Online education is a cheaper alternative to school. We're envisioning a peer-to-peer, or peer-to-mentor platform for education and sharing knowledge, techniques, and inspiration.

How we built it

We completed a proof of concept AR app, and identified technologies that we would use to build a mobile app - ARCore for the AR app and interaction, and Google Cloud Platform/Firebase for hosting the data. We were also inspired by Google's Just a Line app, but we felt that we could improve on the app by adding more variety in brushstrokes, more colors, and the ability for two remote users to view the same AR environment from separate locations.

Next Steps

Adding a remote, real-time AR experience is still a work in progress. The value of our system also revolves around the art community - people who want to improve or diversify their skills, and people who love art and like to teach, but for whom teaching art is not financially viable. Our platform could generate some extra income for those artists, to allow them to follow their passion and pursue art as a profession, while also keeping their normal job.

Also, we could see this platform extending to people in rural areas who may not be able to access or afford traditional forms of art education. Finally, we would also scale to support mentoring groups to enable groups of artists with similar interests to meet and build a community.

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