Augmented Reality has the potential to contribute in this age of information as it is able to make life more convenient and exciting, especially for tech savvy individuals.

What it does

Vuforia is an application solely used for augmented reality and is supported by several applications. I demonstrated its display and image detection capabilities using Vuforia's built in prefabs. Images are used as platforms for models to appear on the screen. The augmented reality camera uses my laptop's built in camera to search for certain images displayed on the screen.

How we built it

Several models were downloaded from the asset store in order to be used on Vuforia's image detection prefab. The images used for detection and recognition originated from the internet and the physical versions of the images were also kept on the side.

Challenges we ran into

There were problems converting images into the proper .jpg format and both Unity and Vuforia were unable to read images due to invalid default settings. There were also issues in camera positioning and model displays due to incorrect organization of files in Unity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud of the fact that it is now fast and easy for me to create an augmented reality program but I know I couldn't have done it alone. A good friend of mine helped me and the Youtube tutorials helped me understand how Unity and Vuforia work hand in hand.

What we learned

I was able to learn how to create simple 3D models that could display on certain images when presented in front of the camera. This works on standing objects as well as moving particle systems. I was able to learn how to easily use an image online as a surface for 3D models to appear while using the asset store as a reliable resource to download already completed models

What's next for Augmented Reality Display on Unity using Vuforia

For my next hackathon, I want to be able to create an entire game solely off of Augmented Reality with the same applications I used today. I want to create working Augmented Reality buttons that function properly based on user movement as well as the ability to initialize games based on the environment detected by the camera. As much as possible, I want these games to be multi-player and by then, I will have more knowledge of C# in order to create simple and complicated scripts.

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