A simple tester of audio quality. Doesn't support 24-bit-depth and higher audio files because of a SciPy library limitation.


./AudioTest <input> [--log] where is a file or directory/album If --log is added, the program will write the files found to a .txt in the same directory as AudioTest instead of printing them out.

If is a file, the program will print the path to if the cutoff frequency of the file is detected to be lower than 20 kHz. In this case, usually the file is below 320 kbps at a constant bit rate (CBR), the maximum bit rate of an mp3 file.

If is a directory/album, the program will perform the above behavior for every audio file found in the directory including files found in subdirectories.

Variable bit rate (VBR) files haven't been tested yet.


This is a file encoded at 320kbps which has a clear cutoff frequency of 20kHz.

This one one is encoded at 128kbps, and has a cutoff frequency of 16kHz.

What Doesn't Work

Some tracks have "filler" noies in the upper frequencies that is placed there to make the spectrogram seem like a legitimate 320 kbps file. The program cannot detect these tracks at the moment.

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