It is majorly aggravating to push your way through a party just to make a song request at the DJ booth. Now there's an app for that!

What it does

Audiocracy allows the host or DJ at a party to tailor a playlist to recommendations of partygoers in real-time.

First, the host chooses a song on our Host page, which is used to create a 'radio' filled with similar songs. From there, the host recieves a unique Event Key for the event. The Event Key can be shared with party-goers, and then entered on our Guest page to connect them to the event's playlist.

Once connected, guests can make suggestions and requests, which are factored into Audiocracy's ranking algorithm. The most-requested songs and artists will be played more often, so your guests can hear the music they actually want to dance to.

TL;DR: Magic.

How we built it

Front end: HTML, CSS (bootstrap framework), some Javascript Back end: Javascript, JQuery)

Challenges we ran into

SO MANY API problems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We actually managed to get it to seed playlists! It took around 5 hours for our back-end people to figure that out, and we were so happy for them once they did it.

What we learned

You can learn a lot, even from a seemingly over-ambitious project.

What's next for Audiocracy

Adding more back-end functionality, so that the event keys actually work! More testing, and more demos, ability to add songs live to a new playlist rather than just playing directly the generated radio, which needs to be refreshed each time someone adds a new song.

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