We love several DeFi and NFT projects on Ethereum. We draw inspiration from CryptoPunks, Pancakeswap, and Uniswap - although we will be unique in our feature set.

What it does

At launch, our feature set is focused on NFTs. You can play PitaToss to win both Pita or rare NFTs, you can participate in our Auction to win an NFT, or you can purchase an NFT directly with PITA tokens.

Our follow on releases later in the year will include Liquidity Pool and Swap functionality, as well as NFT related integrations into our DeFi products (such as multiplier based rewards for owning NFTs)

How we built it

We are a two-man team and we split tasks between front end development and smart contract development. We use VSC and neo-cli for smart contract development and deployment, and our website is build using Next.js

Challenges we ran into

Our NFTs are following the NEP17 standard and we have yet to adopt them to NEP11. This was a conscious decision given our NFTs will have a purpose in our DeFi products, in addition to being art.

We will need to test this further as perhaps these NFTs will support both NEP11 and NEP17 standards.

Economic decisions have yet to be made, due to the complexity of the simulations we need to write. We are unsure of multiplier awards for NFTs (or what other additional features we will give them), but are confident our simulations will point us in the correct direction.

Branding is always a challenge, and we are in the middle of NFT art creation with multiple designers. Our main brand logo and text is complete, and we will evolve the designs of all our NFTs to be more in-line with our current branding.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have seven contracts live on TestNet, as well as functioning interactions with them via our front end website. We are also proud of the brand direction we have been able to establish in the short period of time we have worked on the project.

What we learned

We have learned that NEO is fantastic to work on, and that it's power gives us a lot of flexibility. There have been some difficulties due to how fast the chain is moving to N3, and documentation is behind at times. Luckily on Discord, the NEO team is highly responsive.

We also love the tooling around N3 and the flexibility it gives us as engineers.

What's next for Humswap

We have a Roadmap going into 2022 with some surprises not yet mentioned:

šŸš€ 2021 Q3

  • Multiple NFT contracts released
  • Auction, Purchase, and PitaToss contracts released

šŸš€ 2021 Q4

  • Liquidity Pools released
  • Swap functionality released
  • Improvements to PitaToss to allow for more granular gameplay, and more prize options available.

šŸš€ 2022 Q1

  • Introduce at least one new game
  • Improvements on Purchase and Auction Contracts to present open protocols for decentralized creation of auctions and NFT purchases by anyone
  • Improvements for NFTs to integrate Neofs

šŸš€ 2022 Q2

  • Introduce at least one new game
  • Improvements on Swap and Liquidity Pool features to present open protocols for usage. Ideally, anyone can be an Automated Market Maker

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