All three of you are commuter students and rely on Marta on a daily basis to get to school. However, Marta's trains aren't always precise, and their app does an even less job to facilitate that. We wanted to build a better Marta app, in terms of UI and UX, as well as implements of some of Marta's already established features, like REALTime Data.

What it does

The App will allow you to login to a system, built using Firebase (you can also sign up or continue to use the app without logging in). Then you are provided with a map interface where it will give you the closest train stops and next train arrivals. We get these all this information using an algorithm we are working on (yet to be implemented). The login system allows you to stop virtual "Breeze" Cards, Marta's system of collecting money. We can set up Breeze Cards on the app and pay for travel fees using Apple Pay (yet to be implemented).

How we built it

Our team consisted of designers and programmers. As we were working on basic app functionality, our designers were hard at work on building the UI and UX for this app. Using this process, we could really concentrate on our strong holds but yet learn something from each other. In terms of technicality, we built it using Map Views, Table Views, and Firebase CocoaPods.

Challenges we ran into

A lot of the challenges we faced were how to implement certain features. Being every new to iOS, we didn't know what each feature of XCode would do. So it was a lot of googling and youtubing to implement things like Table View.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of our Firebase connectivity. We can create new users and check if users are already in the system. This systems really gives us an edge because later on we can implement Facebook and Twitter logins. And even just getting this far is pretty impressive. We had a lot of discussion about what the app should be and what it should do, and now we have a useable project that we can continue to build and take further!

What we learned

We learned a lot about Swift and building iOS apps. Each one of us has learned something differnet. Varun has learned alot of FIrebase connectivity and how to get that system working. Grayson has learned a lot about parsing through multiple files and returning that information in an array of arrays. And Jerry has learned about better UI and UX designs and basics to Swift as well.

What's next for Atlas

The app is not finished yet and we have very high hopes for it. Using REALTime Data, location services, and notifications are just some of the things we want to implement in the near future. We also want to expand the app to buses, and eventually pitch our idea to Marta.

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