We have Google. We have Piazza. We have Facebook. We all have questions that we want answered. Despite the fact that many use these services together, we continue to lack the answers that we seek. Our team, founded here at HackUMass III, all recognized and experienced first handedly, the faults that lie in current platforms. So we set out to solve the problems that we as students face. Our solution? We made our own platform; by students, for students.

What it does

Creates a medium between students and faculty within specific schools, allowing them to find specific information that cannot be found on traditional go to search sites like google, or stack overflow.

How I built it

We used meteor.js to do file control, Mongoldb to store data sets, Materialize CSS to implement material design, heroku to store our code in the cloud, azure to host our webpage, and js, jquery, css and html to design the webpage itself.

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