There are no medias better than film at provoking emotion. Films pull at your heartstrings and cause roaring laughter. They force introspection and understanding others' viewpoints. If the home is where the heart is then The Art Theater is a home away from home for all of its patrons.

What it does

We hope that the Art Theater Committee can use our findings to help them launch the Art Theater into another successful century. With revenue-maximizing choices the theater can provide more free services to those unable to pay for a ticket. We also show what segments of the population enjoy what types of movies most, so with this the theater can make film choices that will best target the population at the right time of year.


This website was developed for Pyghack 2019 by; Daniel Ferriss, an Economics Junior; Tai-Ying Chen, a Computer Science Graduate; Zhao-Xin Huang, a Computer Science & Business Junior; and Mingi Ryu, a Computer Science Senior


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