The Art Theater in Champaign has been searching for a way to better organize its data. We have created an app called The Art Theater that helps streamline some of the movie theater experience. This app has a 2-part interface, one for company usage and one for the average joe who will attend a movie showing.

Client (User) Interface:

  • choose to watch a moving based on upcoming movie showings or specific showtimes throughout the day
  • request movies to be shown in theater based on a movie name, genre/topic, or browse trending topics, which are popular requests that other users have made
  • participate in the community forum, which allows users to find and create movie groups and watch showings together

Company Interface:

  • view user requests of interested movies, topics/genres, and any additional comments made
  • create new movie showing watch time events for the community
  • analyze movie ticket data
    • we created graphs for ticket sales based on month and year, and the general trend was increased ticket sales in summer months, when people had more free time on hand

How we built it

We looked over the data and considered the theme. We wanted to make the theater an accessible home away from home for the people of Champaign-Urbana. We used Jupyter Notebook to organize and analyze the data sets in Python. We used Flutter and Dart to make the app, and focused more on the client side than the company side.

Challenges we ran into

Most of the team had never used Flutter or Dart before, so we had to learn a new language. The datasets were also very large and we wanted to generate useful analytics from it.

What's next for Art Theater

We created a nice wireframe of the app. With more time, we would have loved to implemented the entire app. We want to look at the data in more depth and draw some more conclusions from the data.

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