There is a massive disconnect from all of the different data points that we are now collecting with the various IOT devices in our homes, offices, & apartments. Connections & insights that could be made with this data are simply not because much of it is trapped within various siloed applications & warehouses. Specifically energy usage is among one of the largest inaccessible black boxes of data because it is currently only measured on an entire building scale if measured at all. By introducing a practical and approachable way to visualize & aggregate these various data points we can now draw intelligent conclusions about

-Energy usage and procurement, -Room temperature and it’s affect on the HVAC systems / in unit gardens / resident health & comfort -Room Air quality -Building fixture health

And many more different datapoints that affect the both the internal & external environments of the building. With this platform integrated into the toolset of both building Owners/Managers & Tenants alike we believe they can truly become masters of their domain and elevate the quality of life within their residences & workplaces to levels never before seen.

What it does

ArealtyIOT is a Unity based AR/VR platform that layers multiple sets of IOT sensor data over the real/virtual world to enable the user to view and manipulate that data to generate insights about their residential/commercial environment that would otherwise go unseen.

How we built it

The various environments were modeled from floorplans in a semi autonomous fashion. The furniture is simulated.

The final scene graph is built in unity. This allows for a single source base with cross platform compile options. The same WebGL app can easily be iOS or Android.

Challenges we ran into

(Last minute inspiration and crazy schedules, traveling to too many conferences.)

In doing multiple cameras with post processing volumes and deferred rendering, @yosun might have blown her GPUs.

What we learned

The potential for AR AI Machine Vision in real estate … is infinite

What's next for aRealtyIOT

We’ve teamed up with Sapient Industries a recent finalist in the Urban X city based innovation competition & rapidly growing socket based energy metering service to get real-time energy usage data for their commercial & residential customers & deliver tangible insights through our augmented platform.

-Feeding the various data points that are collected and visualized into predictive algorithms to generate new intelligent conclusions

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