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Most people perceive holidays as time to rejoice; however for me, it is a complete bore. I decided to hook up my Arduino to my PC, and start coding something. So I went on Instructables and Thingiverse and found this amazing project with DIY machines. Having built the basic robot, I enhanced it with an app and a better head design. I'm now working on adding a camera.

What it does

Rolls around, explores, and behaves like a Sphero robot.

How I built it

I hooked up an Arduino to two DC motors on a central 3D-printed chassis. Then, I attached a 3D-printed sphere to the outside. Once done, I attached three mini-neodymium magnets to the top of the ball. There are some tips on Thingiverse for the most efficient way of doing this. Then, I attached the head.

Challenges I ran into

The tutorial was using an Adafruit shield, so I had to completely rewrite the code. This took a while. My 3D-printer only accommodated a smaller size. So I had to print it elsewhere. I tried infrared, however the signals it sent varied by the distance. So I had to switch to Bluetooth (HC-06, for Android).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning how to use MIT App Inventor. Finishing the project within a month.

What I learned

How to use MIT App Inventor. How to use magnets to fixate the head on the body.

What's next for Arduino BB8 (From Star Wars)

Adding a camera module. Enhancing the movement with a gyroscope. More sensor capabilities.

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