Sleep tracking with your phone is useful, but terribly drains your battery overnight, when it's supposed to be charging.

What it does

Bluetooth enabled Ardino is implanted into a Plush Toy (the aRAWRm). An app on your phone can activate the buzzer to play the Mario theme, or activate the multi-colored LED. The app can also be used to set the desired time you wish to wake up. Then, the app will send a signal to the aRAWRm at the set time and activate the LED and alarm.

How we built it

We hooked up a multi-colored LED and a buzzer to an Ardino. Then we went out to Morning Glory and bought a cute tiger Plush Toy. After performing a surgical incision, we inserted the device and stitched it up, leaving the LED visible, thus making the world's first aRAWRm!

On the app side, we used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make a simple UI that allows a user to automatically connect with the Arduino in the aRAWRm and control its expanding features.

Challenges we ran into

At first, we tried developing the app in Android Studio, but ran into compatibility issues, and had trouble using Bluetooth. Thus, we pivoted to a different platform and use the more agile coding languages of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Fitting the components into the stuffed tiger was also a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that the Arduino was able to receive different commands to perform a range of functions (light, sound, alarm, etc.). This setup is modifiable to add many more features in the long run.

What we learned

We all got more familiar with CSS, and JavaScript in particular. None of us had coded a full app before, so this was a huge learning experience for us and we had a fantastic time!

Did we have fun?

Free food, great activities, and fantastic people: Yes, yes we did!

What's next for aRAWRm

We have all the hardware necessary, including a speedometer, to track motion and track sleep, thus waking you up at the optimal time by an alarm you can't help but love! This sleep data could then be uploaded the cloud through a platform like Google Fit. A vibration motor and rechargeable battery would also be worthwhile improvements.

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