Travel and tourism are among the most affected sectors with a massive fall in international demand amid global travel restrictions including many borders fully closed, to contain the virus. According to the latest issue of the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, international tourist arrivals (overnight visitors) fell by 72% in January-October 2020 over the same period last year The estimated decline in international tourism in 2020 is equivalent to a loss of about 1 billion arrivals and US$ 1.1 trillion in international tourism receipts. This plunge in international tourism could result in an estimated economic loss of over US$ 2 trillion in global GDP, more than 2% of the world’s GDP in 2019.

What it does❓

Help you enjoy touring around the city, encourages you to explore the city in more depth

How we built it👨‍💻

We used ARcore, MapBox SDK, Vuforia and Unity Engine to build this project.

Challenges we ran into🚀

There were many challenges we ran into since AR, Unity was new to us. We had to learn a lot about libraries in Unity to figure out what we should use in order to program our App. Since we were all working on it at the same time, the commands got messed up at times. The main challenge was integration of Mapbox and AR

Accomplishments that we're proud of🏆

Since none of us had prior experience with AR, it was really rewarding to see our APP come together. It was also nice to see everyone working together even when doing everything virtually. In the beginning, we underestimated the difficulty of making an app, but we ran into many challenges along the way, so it was awesome to see how it all played out in the end.

What we learned👨‍🏫

Through this project, we learned a lot about unity application. We also learned about teamwork since we had to do everything virtually. We learned to efficiently divide tasks so everyone had something to do and we finished the project in time.

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