Who loves rhythm games? Who has ever wanted to learn the piano?

Many people fell in love with these piano keyboard tutorials created by the company Synthesia. These tutorials are similar to Guitar Hero but for piano and can easily be found on Youtube. Here is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0OaX2ln5ik A problem with these tutorials though is that it requires the user to switch between looking at the keyboard and the video to figure out what notes to press.

AR Synthesia eliminates this problem by bringing a virtual note straight to the physical key the user has to press. Ideally, the user will be wearing some hardware to view the augmented reality through. The user can then insert a CSV converted MIDI file to the app and the app will parse the CSV and start spawning the notes in the correct position at the correct times. Similar to Synthesia, the user will see notes approach the user's physical keyboard from the top of the keyboard, and once notes reach the keys, the notes will begin disappearing. This is also the moment when the user would like to press the key.

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