Tidy-the-hack-up is about cleaning up and being productive! Keeping a clean and healthy aquarium tank is necessary to allow aquatic life to thrive. Keeping track of the cleaning schedule and even fish care can be challenging. We wanted to create an app that will track and notify the user about their tasks their aquarium tank requires.

What it does

Our app sends you notifications when you need to clean or feed your aquarium. Users can set the size of the tank and the number of fish which will determine how often everything needs to be done.

How we built it

To implement the web app, we used HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Using Flask and Sqlalchemy, we deployed the app to Google Cloud Platform that stores the user's log-in information and their tank information. We've got JavaScript running the notifications and some fun animations.

Challenges we ran into

For many of us, this was the first time working with the Google Cloud Platform. We wanted to make sure that we create the instance and deploy the app correctly. Due to the limited time, we were able to only create a demo of the web app. Getting everyone's contributions to play together was a little tricky.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Just getting everything online was super exciting and we're really happy about it. We were all very excited about the idea and especially the graphics we were able to implement.

What we learned

Getting more practice working on collaborative projects is probably one of the most important lessons. On the technical side: HTML Canvas, Google-app-engine, flask ... ADD MORE HERE

What's next for Aqua-App

We would like to enable users to add multiple tanks, add special feeding procedures for different varieties of fish. They will also be able to add live plants to the tank for aqua plant care advice.

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