Appmia Tracking and Monitoring App - the Things you Should Know

In today’s world almost quarter of fatal and non fatal accidents take place due to distracted and otherwise engaged driving, and among them greatest percentage is of teens.

FEATURES: The reason this Appmia spy phone application is selling sky high is it really works and fulfill all its claims, the features Appmia provides the consumer with are: It blocks e-mailing, texting, gaming and other distractions only while you are driving. It blocks aforementioned activities within seconds of starting of vehicle. It can be configured so the parents can call while driving It can also be configured so navigation apps and music apps can be viewed while driving It has the ability to send speed alerts for your vehicle It can also collect mileage for insurers It has Proactive alerting and reporting if user tries to disable it. Works even if phone does not currently have GPS coverage No unnecessary battery consumption due to GPS usage

PROS: Apart from the features which pose as benefits as well to many companies and especially parents its pros are that it works on over 1000 diverse cell phones and devices, it is easy to use and set up in your car/ vehicle. Cell control works with more than 1200 phones across the entire main worldwide and family cell phone service providers, plus all recent made public laptops and MS-windows big business.

As far as the product is being sold in the market no serious complains have been reported that might have shadowed its integrity or reliability. So far now it is the world’s best product.

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