A previous project that Daniel had done in which he made a basic rendering of the Utah teapot on the apple 2 provided the inspiration for the platform. The game itself was inspired by Keepout!, a webGL game that we had played a lot of in middle school.

What it does

It is a simple maze exploring game in which the player must use spatial awareness to explore a maze and find a goal. Levels are procedurally generated and get harder over time.

How we built it

It has been made using the, an online javascript emulator which we used to test and write our code. We also used GitHub to structure our work and maintain source control.

Challenges we ran into

The limitations of Applesoft BASIC proved challenging to overcome, as they required us to think creatively - having 2d arrays, for example, is something one takes for granted until they no longer exist. There was also a lot of complicated trigonometry and transform matrices involved in the graphics code which were complicated to write.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We wrote an entire wireframe graphics engine from the ground up, on a machine nearly 40 years old.

What we learned

  • Time management is important!
  • Graphics are complicated
  • A healthy appreciation for the people who actually used old computers

What's next for Apple II Maze

Adding more features and perhaps optimizing the graphics to run faster. We could also take it in a different direction - Originally, we planned for the maze to have monsters which the player would have to kill with a sword by pressing the spacebar. However due to time constraints we could not implement everything we wanted to. If we had more time, we would add monsters with varying degrees of strength requiring more strikes to kill them.

Built With

  • apple2
  • basic
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